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How My Heart Behaves (1/1)

Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Pairing: Emma/Regina
Rating: barely PG-13
Word Count: 1422
Spoilers: up through 1x05 and the mine incident.
Summary: From Emma's point of view, starting with the first episode. Fifty sentences of a Swan Queen love story, for the 1sentence community.


As Emma speeds back to Boston, reliving the day’s events in her head, the only thing she can focus on is soft brown eyes of a woman whose name she learned less than an hour ago.


Emma listens to herself as she exposes her birthday wish to this near stranger, wondering how she can be so open with someone she just met; the cold response she gets in return reminds her of all the reasons why she never opens up to anyone.


Wearing the Mayor's stolen shirt and hearing the older woman call her 'dear' in that patronizing way makes Emma feel closer to Henry's age than her own.


Emma knows the Mayor's words at the hospital were meant to hurt her, to remind her of the fact that she really is alone in this world; she pretends the ache that results in her chest is heartburn caused by the dinner she never ate.


The verbal sparring matches with Madame Mayor both annoy Emma and excite her; she only briefly wonders if that's normal.


When Emma hears a soft ‘help me’ escape from the Mayor’s lips, she has to push away the urge to hug the older woman.


The cool attitude Emma’s met with after bringing Henry back to safety makes her realize that she’s back to square one with the Mayor.


The Mayor gets under Emma’s skin in a thousand different ways; most make Emma want to pull away, but a few make her want to get closer.


As she waits in the Mayor’s office, Emma notices the chess set on a table and wonders what the Mayor does for fun, though she doubts that Regina knows the meaning of the word.


A chance encounter at Granny’s late one Sunday morning leads to table talk with the Mayor; Emma learns that Regina likes her coffee black and subconsciously commits it to memory.


Somewhere during their first civil conversation, Emma forgets that she’s not supposed to trust Regina.


Waiting for Henry to come down from his bedroom, Emma avoids the Mayor’s gaze, not knowing how to thank Regina for letting her walk the kid to school.


She isn't sure how it happens, but she knows her whole world shifts a little bit when Regina first calls her 'Emma.'


Hearing the way Regina barks out an order to her secretary, Emma wonders why it’s been so long since the Mayor’s used that tone of voice with her.


The first time Emma feels Regina’s touch it’s Regina’s thin fingers wrapped around her wrist, pulling Emma closer to avoid a collision with Ruby at the diner; a few moments later, Emma notices that she’s not breathing.


It’s nearly winter when Emma realizes that a day spent without Regina turns her into a snarky bitch; an hour later she smokes her first cigarette in six years.


Emma watches from across the room as Regina consults Graham on city business; that night she downs five shots before the tension in her muscles begins to fade.


Emma’s eyes follow Regina around the party all night, and when the celebration starts winding down, Regina’s eyes meet hers from across the room.


Emma’s first Christmas in Storybrooke- an odd affair with Regina, Henry, and Mary Margaret- awakens something inside of her that she can’t put a name on.


When Regina asks if Emma would like to look at Henry’s baby pictures, Emma is terrified to see the childhood that she gave up being a part of.


Emma quickly wipes away the tears caused by a photo of Regina holding Henry on his third birthday; she isn’t sure why she’s crying but hopes that Regina hasn’t noticed.


Emma listens to the unexpectedly harsh words coming from Regina and wonders how she could’ve ever let herself trust the Mayor.


Emma avoids Regina for days after their fight, sulking like Henry does when Regina’s told him it’s time for bed.


Emma stops when she finds Regina waiting outside her front door; the apology that rushes out of Regina’s lips soothes the ache that’s settled in Emma’s chest the past week.


Emma tries not to let herself trust Regina again, but standing on the darkened front porch saying goodbye, she lets Regina hug her for the first time.


Emma stuffs the last of her moving boxes in the garbage can, finally accepting that she’s never going back to Boston, and tells herself that Henry is the only reason why she’s staying.


Emma never used to pay attention to what day of the week it was, but now she counts down the days until her ritual Friday night dinner and a movie with Regina and Henry.


When Emma first realizes she has feelings for Regina, she pulls the blankets over her head and doesn’t come out of her room for the rest of the day.


She finds herself avoiding the Mayor again, but when Regina stops her in the street and asks what she’s done wrong, it hits Emma how lucky she is to know Regina.


Emma catches Regina staring at her from across the dinner table; “I’m glad Henry found you,” Regina says, causing all of the air to rush out of Emma’s lungs.


Sometimes Emma entertains the idea of a relationship with Regina, but then she remembers who she is and the past that haunts her.


Emma hesitates mid-sentence, realizing she’s already revealed too much of herself, but then Regina tells her, “you don’t have to hide here.”


When Henry’s birthday comes, Emma promises that she’ll never leave him; later, her eyes meet Regina’s over the lit birthday cake candles and she silently makes the same promise to her.


In the car on their way to get dinner, Emma listens as Regina sings quietly along to the radio, committing every moment to memory.


Regina’s standing just a little bit too close, but then her fingers gently graze Emma’s cheek and Emma takes in a deep breath.


Emma's heart stops cold in her chest the first time she hears Regina refer to Henry as 'our son.'


Wondering why she has to be such a klutz, especially in front of Regina, Emma pulls off her stained shirt and throws it into the washing machine then notices Regina staring at her from the doorway.


When Regina’s lips meet hers unexpectedly, Emma’s first thought is to run for the door, her second is to pull Regina closer.


Emma doesn’t have much to say about her past, but the way Regina’s fingers lace with her own causes her to open up about the things she never thought anyone else would care about.


Emma knows that Regina always likes to be the strong one, so it surprises her when Regina whispers, “could you hold me?”


Emma hesitates before knocking on Regina’s front door- it’s two AM and she knows she looks like hell- but right now she needs Regina’s arms around her.


“God, you feel so good,” Emma whispers and snuggles deeper into Regina’s embrace, grateful that her girlfriend suggested she sleep there tonight.


When Emma first notices that the walls she’s taken such a long time to build are suddenly gone, she’s terrified, but then Regina kisses her and she knows that it’s worth it.


When Emma’s away from Regina, even if it’s just for an hour, she gets a longing in the pit of her stomach that refuses to go away until she’s kissing Regina again.


It’s when Regina’s sitting on the couch next to her reading, the kid already upstairs asleep, that Emma realizes she finally understands the meaning of the word ‘home.’


After hearing Mr. Gold utter a veiled threat at Regina and Henry, Emma takes a step closer and says, “don’t you dare hurt my family.”


When she gets home that night and finds Regina pondering dinner choices, Emma interrupts her girlfriend mid-sentence and says “I love you.”


The first time they make love, Emma nearly cries because of how vulnerable she feels.


But then Regina kisses her so tenderly that the fear is driven away and all she feels is the love that flows between them.


Emma never believed in happy endings- much less in her own- until that night in bed when Regina whispers softly in her ear, “marry me.”


amazing. made me tear up. <3
thank you! :)

Oh, these were so very clever - emotive, real, and so much description in so few words.

Thank you for posting.
Thanks so much! And thank you for reading and commenting!
Thank you!
Aww! That was utterly fluffy and adorable. I love how you really get a sense for the flow and build-up of their relationship just from the small snippets of scattered sentences. It's like seeing snapshots of their life together.

Very nicely done.
That's exactly what I was going for. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!
oh. my. god. that's about all I can manage at the moment.

Thank you so so much for writing this! It's absolutely beautiful :)
You're sweet. Thank you so so much for reading this! I really appreciate the feedback :)
^__^ I knew I couldn't be the only one that orders these ladies to make out every time they have a spat. Lovely sentences! I agree with nohappyending4u that you've done a great job showing the buildup of their relationship through these bits and pieces. I particularly love how you included Henry and the development of the family in addition to the romance. Extremely sweet! Now I'm deeply pondering in what way this would affect the entire Storybrooke setup and how it would change things. Thanks for entertaining me so well!
Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I figured Emma's issues with letting people in required a slow build up, and that her relationship with Henry is crucial for her to start to let her guard down with Regina. The family aspect with the Swan Queen ship is a big part of the reason why I love to ship them.
To be honest, the family aspect is something I hadn't even really thought of until I read your sentences... I was just being a dorky fangirl with my "Now make out" moments XD So thanks for sharing that aspect of it with me!! :D
Lol I'm right there with you. Those two have undeniable chemistry. Nothing would make me happier than to have them actually make out in an episode.

Glad I could give you a different perspective to think about :)
Yeah, seriously. I'm not terribly hopeful about seeing much gay in such a Disneytastic show, but I have been interested to note that there has never been a gender-specific pronoun regarding the queen's lost love. I'll keep hoping!!
Ooh, I don't wanna be the bearer of bad news. I thought that too about the pronoun thing, but there's a definite 'him' in the kitchen scene with Kathryn at the beginning of 1x06. Sorry. Broke my heart when I first realized it.

I don't expect it to ever be canon, but the Swan Queen ship makes so much more sense than anything they will wind up doing. It's just so beyond obvious it makes me angry that it'll never happen.

But just remember, the Queen made the Huntsman her sex slave. That's not exactly Disneytastic.
Ah, but that was such an ambiguous reference... she could have meant her father or a lost love in Maine rather than Fantasyland. I'll continue hoping for a bisexual queen forevaaaaar!!! XD (Like you say, though, nothing I ever expect to be canon)
I really liked this, to get all that clarity and insight into the simplest sentences is really bloody smart. The development of the relationship is beautifully sketched.
Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate the feedback! :)

Very Nice

Great fic. I held my breath until the end. So glad there was a happy ending.
You know when I watch this show I sometimes forget it's a Sunday evening show most likely geared towards the family crowd. I know this is Disney, but I can list a few reasons why it's time for ABC to think outside the box. So far on OUAT we've seen murder, late night hook-ups between Regina and the Sheriff, bar/diner pick ups with Mary and Dr. Whaley (sp.?), drinking, Regina crawling around the orchard on her hands and knees picking up apples/"presenting" to the Sheriff, Emma strutting around in tank tops with no bra, Emma answering the door while wearing only a tank top and her underwear, Ruby strutting around the diner and strolling around Storybrooke in very interesting attaire, a lady fist fight in the cemetery that could have been a twisted form of foreplay (at least in my twisted mind). Can I say again, Regina was crawling around on her hands and knees in the orchard picking up apples? Made me want to spill a bushel of apples. I thought I was watching a scene from the movie "The Secretary".
Anyway.............since OUAT seems to push the envelope a bit and Henry really does have two moms, it would be terrific if Regina and Emma were together in the end. It would be so progressive and wonderful for Henry to have two mommies. I would be so happy.
I babbled a bit, but I hope you could kind of see what I meant.

Re: Very Nice

Thank you so much!

I do get what you mean. It seems pretty adult for something that could be thought of as a family show. It would be amazing for the show to have Emma and Regina wind up together at the end. I would love ABC forever if that were to happen. But realistically and unfortunately, we live in a very heterosexual world. But hopefully, this show will wind up surprising us all.

Thanks for the comments!

Re: Very Nice

I would like a really big surprise, and I don't mean having Emma suddenly going through some misty on-screen dream transformation where she is suddenly revealed to the viewers as a handsome male knight in shining armor sent in to save the day.

Happy New Year!!
OMG! Beautiful. Simply beautiful :) I really really enjoyed this story. Thank you!
Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I really appreciate it!
Awww so beautiful *sigh*
Thank you so much!
Words cannot express just how much love I feel for this story - it all felt so right!
Awww thanks so much! I'm glad you like it.
Just want to say that I love this very much, so much I want to virtually hug you for writing it.
Awww, thanks so much! *hugs you right back*